Data policy


LITTLE CODE d.o.o., Matice hrvatske 56, 21 000 Split, OIB: 42576977588, as a Data controller, informs you that your personal data were received on the website: (further referred to as a Website) and will be processed and stored.

By accepting this Consent, it is considered that you voluntarily and explicitly give your consent for collecting and processing of your personal data conceded to LITTLE CODE d. o. o. as a user via Internet website and with the purpose aforementioned.

The personal data disclosure is thoroughly voluntary and you are not obliged in any way to accept the terms, that is, you are not obliged to fill in the form with your personal data, that is on this website. By accepting this Consent and filling in the personal data in the form, it is considered that you agree with the data processing with the sole purpose of solving your request/inquiry.

LITTLE CODE d. o. o. preserves your personal data with confidentiality and allows accesses and data disclosure only to the employees in charge of processing your request /inquiry.

Your personal data, for further processing, can be passed on to the third parties, only with the purpose of solving your request.

Your personal data cannot be communicated to the third parties without your prior consent, the exempt being only in cases when approved by law.

LITTLE CODE d. o. o. will store your processed personal data in accordance with the storing regulations, and obligations to meet storing deadlines assigned by law.

LITTLE CODE d. o. o. will handle your data in accordance with the Law on the Implementation of the General regulation on data protection (“Narodne novine” n:42/18) operating with suitable physical, technical and security measures for protection of personal data’s unauthorised access, disclosure, malware, loss on damaging.

You can resign at any time from your personal data processing by opposing and revoking the consent. LITTLE CODE d. o. o., Matice Hrvatske 56, 21 000 Split, Croatia, is your Data controller.

We advise you that you can at any time, partly or in total, without further notice withdraw the given consent and ask for the cession of your personal data processing activity.

The consent resignation can be performed in person, by post on the given address LITTLE CODE d. o. o. or by sending an e mail to:

Make sure you have read the Consent thoroughly. By accepting this Consent and sharing your personal data via website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all terms, and therefore you give your permission for collecting, processing, and using of your personal data in ways and for the purpose noted in the text.

We hereby also inform you that only a child who is at least 16 years old can give consent, more precisely, only then the processing of his personal data is legal, in cases where the IT provider offers the service directly to the child.

If a child is under 16, such processing is legal, only if and to the extent that the consent has been given or approved by the custodian or the holder of parental responsibility over the child.